Wedding Dresses Converted To Christening Gowns

Maybe you have never thought of creating a gown from your wedding dress? Your wedding dress is sentimental to you and your wedding day. It is therefore a perfect choice to use to create another special outfit for another special family day.

Hi Linda,
Oh My word!!! It is all absolutely stunning!!! I am overwhelmed to be honest and reduced to tears!!! The detail and all the hard work you have put in really shows and its just amazing!! I can't wait for Hayden to wear it. I will send you lots of pictures! LOVE the booties!! So cute!! And the embroidery on the bib and fine and beautiful!! I cannot thank you enough!! Just amazing!! Thank you!

Little Doves offers you a unique service to convert your wedding dress into a christening gown or christening romper, both complete with all the matching accessories. Working with you, we will design a christening gown using all the fabric and trims from your wedding dress. You could choose between:

  • a replica of your own wedding dress
  • a gown from the Little Doves Collection made from your wedding dress
  • a completely new design created just for you

Whatever you decide, we will be able to create a gown that is unique and hopefully will become a treasured heirloom for your family.

Below are a few samples of wedding gowns that have been turned into Christening gowns. I am sure you agree that whatever the fabric or style chosen all these gowns are beautiful and make lovely christening outfits. To browse our full gallery of over 20 exquisite conversions, click this link wedding gown to christening gown gallery.

The Mabel Christening Gown

This Christening Gown is a luxurious gown made from layers and layers of silk organza, tulle and habatoi. The bodice is decorated with Nottingham lace has a simple neckline. Short puffed sleeves are made from a layer of silk organza and a layer of silk habatoi. This give a lovely sheen and softeness to the sleeves. The full skirt is created from three layers of habatoi, organza and embroidered tulle. All the layers are of differing lengths to create added interest at the hemline. A lovely wide satin band finishes the design off to perfection.

Hi Linda, We received Mabel's beautiful gown this morning & are absolutely over the moon with it. It will certainly be a cherished heirloom & I am so happy my wedding gown has been turned into something so beautiful for my daughter to wear. A truly special one of a kind! The booties & bib are just perfect - the embroidery is fantastic, you are very talented! I can't wait for her to wear it on her special day.
Much love, Rebecca, October 2012

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Mabel Christening Gown would be £250

Mabel Gown Mabel Gown Mabel Gown

The Fulham Christening Gown

The wedding dress was a beautiful yellow silk dupion gown with a very large full skirt. The christening gown was for a boy and the mother wanted a simple style gown that was created on classic lines, and suitable for both a boy or girl The decision was taken to create the Fulham Christening Gown but to make it very long. This gown is a wonderful example of how you can use the fabric of your wedding dress to create a gown from one of the Little Doves Collection.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Fulham Christening Gown would be £170

Jessica Gown

The Jessica Christening Gown

The original wedding dress had a skirt made of an ivory satin and a separate bodice made from a lovely embroidered silk. Once the bodice pieces were separated there was very little fabric to use but the mother was very keen that the christening gown was decorated with this material. We opted to create a new gown. As the satin was rather heavy we decided to make a skirt that would be joined to the bodice by pleats as gathers would make the waistline very bulky. As with the above example, the mother wanted an understated gown and so we created a bodice with a single panel at the front, made from the silk bodice. Silk covered buttons were added to give a little more interest. Pintucks and silk covered edgings complete the gown design.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Jessica Christening Gown would be £200

Jessica Gown

The Mary Christening Gown

This wedding gown conversion must be the most challenging to date. The wedding gown was made from white satin and the skirt hung down in lovely waterfall pleats. The bodice was plain and so plenty of fabric to go with. The family had Scottish descendants and so wanted to encorporate the clan tartan and the embroidered clan crest into the design. They chose a romper with a detachable waterfall skirt, a jacket, a bonnet (if a girl) and a tam o shanter, and a detachable bow for the skirt. To finish the ensemble off they added an embroidered bib and booties. The skirt was a challenge but again we managed to work out how to create this unique outfit.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Mary Christening Gown would be around £300

Mary gown Mary gown Mary gown

The Frankie Christening Gown

This is the biggest challenge yet in converting a wedding gown to a christening gown. The wedding gown was made from a silk mix and the skirt had twisted rosebuds made out of the fabric covering the whole of it. Mum, Frankie was very keen to encorporate these rosebuds on the skirt of the christening gown, along with the family crest embroidered on the bodice and the family tartan used to create a large bow. Several designs later and we created the Frankie Gown. A matching shawl, booties, tam o shanter and bib were also created to make a complete ensemble. This is a perfect example of how together Little Doves can work with you to create a unique christening gown from your wedding outfit as well as keeping some of the style from the gown in the new design.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Frankie Christening Gown would be £300

Frankie Gown

The Carolyn Christening Gown

This christening gown really did utilise all the elements of the wedding dress. The heavily decorated bodice was scaled down to create a really pretty bodice for the baby. The ties from the back of the back of the wedding gown became lovely little front robings along the front panel of the skirt which opened into a lovely inverted pleat. The wedding veil was also encorporated into the design and became a pretty shawl. All in all a modern gown with a touch of Victorian design.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Carolyn Christening Gown would be £230

Carolyn Gown Carolyn Gown Carolyn Gown

The Connie Christening Gown

This christening gown was really interesting to create. The bodice of the wedding gown was beautifully decorated and lended itself for the decoration on the christening gown bodice. The veil created a lovely overskirt and the back bodice decoration of the wedding gown became a feature on the front of the christening gown skirt.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Connie Christening Gown would be £180

Connie Gown Connie Gown Connie Gown

The Kate Christening Gown

In this gown, the mother was very keen for her wedding veil to be used in the creation of her son's christening gown. She chose the Jemimah gown style from the Classic Collection but we modified the design. The christening gown was created from silk dupion and the wedding veil was used for the overskirt. The front bodice had no embroidery but vertical stripes of lace and satin ribbon.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Mabel Christening Gown would be £180

The Owen Christening Gown

The Owen Christening Gown was commissioned in Winter 2011. This christening gown oozes class and although it is styled in the Victorian manner it also has a medieval influence to it. Constructed from silk dupion the bodice has a high neck with collar. Long sleeves with cuff detail compliment the design. However, if you prefer shorter sleeves and a rounded collar or in fact no collar at all, that is not a problem. The beauty of the gown lies in the damask addition inserted along the front bodice and front skirt panel. Robings either side add a touch of grandeur to the gown.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Owen Christening Gown would be £220

Grace Gown

The Boys Christening Outfit

Oh wow, I have had the pleasure of converting a really beautiful wedding gown just recently into a christening romper, jacket, booties, cap, bib and hanky for the mother. It was a lovely challenge but the time was well worth it. The beauty of the gown lay in the applique flowers that were dotted all over the wedding dress. Working with the mother we decided to create a simple romper with pintucks on the bodice and applique a small amount of the flower decoration on the centre panel. The jacket is also simple but the collar is gorgeous, decorated all around with the applique flowers. This applique also decorates the booties and the cap as well as the other accessories.

The cost to convert your wedding gown into the Boy's Christening Outfit would be £275

Boys Christening Outfit Boys Christening Outfit 2 Boys Christening Outfit 3 Boys Christening Outfit 4

This design will also work well for christening gowns. Please take a look at the Hayden Christening Ensemble in the Boys Collection for more details. Sheer luxury and class....

To browse our full gallery of over 20 exquisite conversions, click this link wedding gown to christening gown gallery.

This is just a flavour of how Little Doves can convert your wedding gown into the christening gown of your dreams. If you would like to discuss further how we can turn your gown into a christening outfit please contact us