Josie Christening Gown from Wedding Dress

Josie Christening Gown from Wedding Dress


The Josie Christening Gown is a beautiful example of an embroidered Christening Gown made from a wedding dress.  In fact the Wedding dress was so fullsome in the skirt that we were able to create two stunning Christening Outfits for the big day.  Twin girls both were able to wear matching Christening gowns and both gowns had similar red embroidered front panels.

These gowns have lovely long sleeves, which are perfect for Winter Baptisms.  The striking front panel fits into the main part of the gown with an insert pleat.  This creates more interest and give a slightly Elizabethan feel to a modern pattern.

Please do not worry of you do not have a Wedding gown with a coloured element to it.  This style will work equally well in a single colour, as long as there is embroidery or beading to use to decorate.

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