A Greek baptism in the Christian Orthodox Church is a major event in the life of any family. Here at Little Doves we are aware that the Greek Culture is filled with a variety of traditions. Although, every region in Greece has its own traditions that uniquely set it apart from the rest of the country, the baby’s baptism must always include certain necessary items to enable the baptism to take place.

Working with some wonderful Greek friends Little Doves is pleased to announce the introduction of the Orthodox Collection ready for 2015.

For the sacrament of Baptism, it is the normal custom for one of the godparents to bring the items needed for baptism to church. Most important are The Lathopana Sets which include:

• 1 large white or ivory Baptismal Towel – to wrap around the baby
• 1 small white or ivory Towel – for use by the priest and godparent
• 1 large white or ivory oil sheet – to be used with the towel
• 1 set of baptismal undergarments – to dress the infant immediately after the immersion in Baptism. In Orthodoxy, these garments are considered sacred and must be kept safely.

Dear Linda,

How absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so very, very much!! It makes the christening that little bit more special – will send you some photos and leave a leaflet at the Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox Church and recommend through the VBC.Thank you for all the attentive details – initials look lovely on all the pieces and prompt delivery.
Kindest regards, Artemis & little Allegra, June 2015

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