The Lincoln Cathedral Christening Dress


The Lincoln Cathedral Christening Dress


The Lincoln Cathedral Christening Dress is probably our most stylist christening dress in our collection. And what a dress this is.......   cute, delicate and so chic........

As with the original Lincoln Cathedral Gown, the design takes inspiration from the beautiful carved stonework and gracefull ceilings of Lincoln Cathedral. The panels of embroidery and beadwork on the bodice front and the large rose on the centre skirt panel have been charted from stonework in the nave of the cathedral. The short, puff sleeves compliment the design.  The finished dress has a wonderful delicate aura of grace and beauty.

Dear Linda 

The dress fits! and is totally amazing thank you so so much, all looking forward to Sunday so very much,

Louise Ziar, November 2010

Complimentary personalised bibs and godmother handkerchiefs are also available.