The Christiana Christening Gown

The Christiana Christening Gown


The Christiana Christening Gown was created in early Spring 2011. It is based on the original christening robe that was made for the christening of Prince Christian, later to become Christian X of Denmark, in Christiansborg Palace Chapel in 1870.  This bespoke christening gown is styled in the Victorian manner and includes a long habatoi petticoat, a silk satin undergown and a beautiful French lace overskirt. This gown is a wonderful example of craftsmanship and also shows how Little Doves have the ability to create the gown of every family's dreams.

Dear Linda,  Gown is in our home. THANK YOU!!!! It is so, beautiful, I have no words to describe my feelings when I look at this gown. Thank you. I will write you more about  it after baptism.

Thank you so much once again.  Regards,  Vesna   August 2011

Owner of Little Doves, Linda Patrick says "this was a great challenge. Following just one photograph of the original gown, we were able to create the Christiana Gown. It expresses all the flavour of the original gown whilst also being a unique christening gown in its own right. More and more customers now turn to Little Doves to provide inspiration and create unique one-off gowns that are magical. We welcome the challenge from everybody".