Baptism Gowns

Welcome to Little Doves, home to one of the UK's most exciting baptism gown designers.  From her studio in rural Lincolnshire, Linda Patrick designs and creates wonderful baptism gowns that will surely become family heirlooms to be cherished forever.

Baptism gown Baptism gown Baptism gown

The Classic Collection

Here you will find a range of classic baptism robes that suit most tastes.  Linda is becoming well known for her exquisite hand embroidery and you will find many of these christening gowns feature flowers, swirls, butterflies, crests.... in fact there is no limit to the embroidery that can be put onto your gown. Tale a look at the Rachael Baptism Gown for a wonderful design showing how wheat can influence a gown.  Or, look at The Primrose Gown, a wonderful richly embroidered gown showing the extent of Linda's craftsmanship.

Little Doves also take a lot of influence from the spledour and beauty of Victorian and Edwardian baptism gowns.  Taking patterns from original gowns, Linda has created a range of stunning gowns reflecting the grandeur of that era.  In particular, look at the Hazel Baptism Gown and the Joanna Baptism Robe.

The Cathedral Collection

Lincoln Cathedral gown

This is a stunning collection of couture baptism gowns that are truly wonderful.  All are individually designed by Linda and all are created from the finest silks, cotton and satins.  These baptism gowns ooze style, from the Lincoln Cathedral Gown with its embroidery charted from the stonework of Lincoln Cathedral to the Christiana Baptism Gown, a replica of the baptism robe worn by the Danish Royal Family.

Please take your time looking through our website and enter a world of beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and delicate designs.  We are sure you will find the baptism gown of your dreams.

Baptism Outfits for Boys

Boys Baptism gown

Many of the baptism gowns featured in the Classic Section are suitable for both boys and girls, but if your choice is a romper then this Collection is perfect for you.  There are many romper designs, but also take a look at the Fulham Gown and Romper to see how you can incorporate a baptism gown and romper into one outfit!

Victorian Baptism Gowns

Victorian Christening Gown

Linda has a love of antique baptism gowns and has an extensive range of ever changing robes from the Victorian and Edwardian period.  Here you find a gorgeous selection of genuine antique gowns waiting for a new home. Each baptism gown holds a story, if only we knew what it was.......

Please take a tour of our website, we are sure that you will find the baptism gown of your dreams within one of the Collections. And, please feel free to contact us should you require further information.