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17 Unique Christening Gift Ideas

A christening is a wonderful occasion. It’s the celebration of a new life and the first rite of passage for a child. And for that reason it’s usual to commemorate it with a lasting, personal gift for the baby. If your relationship to the parents is not familial you should be careful to keep your…
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7 Ideas for a Christening Party

After a Christening ceremony, it’s traditional to have an informal party for friends and family to socialise and have refreshments. You no-doubt have a guest list already, but be sure to invite the priest and his or her partner along to join the celebrations as well. Beyond that, what should such a party entail? Here…
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A Guide on What to Wear for a Christening

Christenings come round fairly frequently, especially when you’re at the age when all your friends are having children. But it’s one of those occasions that can be difficult to dress for. Where does a christening stand on the pretty frock scale and how do you get it right? We’re going to make an assumption here…
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Everything You Need to Know About Catholic Christenings

It’s one of the happiest times of your life, but there’s much to do and celebrate with the safe arrival of a newborn child. For many committed Catholics, planning a Christening will be at the forefront of their mind as they contemplate their child’s future. It’s all about wetting the baby’s head; we all know…
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