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Here’s What Happens at a Christening

Traditionally, parents chose to have their children christened because they wanted them to be brought up in the Christian faith. Although this is still the main and most valid reason, today a christening is also used as a time to celebrate a child’s life and is regarded as an ‘official’ ceremony to welcome them into…
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A Comprehensive Guide to Christening Etiquette

The christening of your child marks the beginning of a special and unique relationship between your newest family member and your chosen faith. There could no more memorable event than this one, and many families understand the importance of ensuring every detail is taken care of, from the church to the invitations to the christening…
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Seventeen Questions About Christenings You Always Wanted to Ask

1. Why should I christen my child? Christening is a religious rite designed to induct a newborn child into the church. It arose as a practice during the early Middle Ages, at a time when Christianity was spreading rapidly across the western world. The precise religious purpose of christening was to wash away original sin…
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Seventeen Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Christenings

A christening, or baptism, marks the start of a child’s journey with God and membership in the Church. The ceremony is rooted in ancient traditions, some of which may surprise you. Here are 17 interesting facts about christenings. 1. Christening is the practice of inducting a child into the Christian faith The purpose of christening…
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