10 Great Ideas for Christening Presents

A child’s christening is one of the most significant milestones of life. So when it comes to choosing a christening gift, it’s important to find something beautiful and meaningful. If you’re in the market for something special but don’t know where to start, here are 10 great ideas for christening presents to inspire your search.

1| Christening Gown

A great gift idea for close family members is to have a bespoke christening gown made for the baby. These traditional gowns are a fantastic way to mark the importance of the day and can be designed in various styles including classic, cathedral, Victorian style, Scottish baptism gowns or rompers and dresses. If you would like to find out more about our stunning custom made gowns, contact us on 1507 527905 or email linda@littledoves.co.uk. You can also browse some of our designs online.

2| Christening Accessories

Another fantastic idea is to have beautiful accessories such as hats and bibs custom made for the special day. We have a whole range of made to order products including petticoats, shawls, hats and bonnets, christening booties and capes. Take a look at our gallery of designs here.

3| Baby’s First Gift Set

Once you become a parent, life is all about ‘firsts’; baby’s first lock of hair, baby’s first smile, baby’s first tooth or baby’s first word. You can be a part of this beautiful life phenomenon with a ‘baby’s first’ gift set. Popular items are silver hair brushes, combs and first tooth trinket boxes.

4| Silver Christening Spoon

Christening spoons are traditional christening gifts which are wonderful keepsakes that children can look back on when they are older. They make lovely decorative items for the home and can be engraved to include baby’s name and christening date.

5| Classic Book Collection

A baby’s first set of books can really shape the rest of his or her childhood. If you grew up with some classics, be sure to pass on your favourites. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle or ‘Where’s Spot?’ by Eric Hill are great collections.

6| Decorative Money Box

Help start the baby’s first piggy bank with a decorative money box; it’s something that can be appreciated in years to come and it can encourage money management from an early age. You can even give the piggy bank fund a head start with a nice donation.

7| Baby Cutlery Set

Babies grow up so fast and the moment that a baby starts using cutlery all by themselves is truly one to remember. Give the gift of a first cutlery set to be a part of the momentous milestone.

8| Name a Star

A perfect gift for a christening, a star can be something to be remembered forever; they may not be able to appreciate it now but as they grow into their early toddler and school years, the idea of having a star named after them will be such an exciting prospect.

9| Baby Video Games

Studies have shown that video gaming can help to improve cognitive skills and coordination in early brain development. Video game devices such as the V-Tech V Smile Baby or Leapfrog devices can be fantastic for babies and young toddlers – and they make brilliant christening gifts!

10| Personalised Blanket

Babies love blankets, cuddly bears and just about anything soft. In their first years on earth, they care for very little else other than food, love and comfort. So give the gift of a cosy blanket and have it personalised with their initials or a meaningful message.