BBC Drama: The Paradise

One day, in June 2012,  a lovely lady contacted us to request three identical Victorian christening gowns. We first assumed that the lady was the proud mother of triplets but this was not the case, she was in fact from the costume department of the BBC and her task was to source three authentic christening gowns for the latest costume drama production, The Paradise, an exquisite love story set in the first department store to be built in Durham, England in 1870.

The Paradise Gowns The Paradise Gowns

For Episode three, the BBC needed a complete set of christening wear. And so the final commission included: a gown, cape, shawl, petticoat, booties, socks and bonnet.  ANd not just one set, but three.

Well, it was a challenge indeed.  In just three weeks we had create everyting needle in hand and burning the midnight oil we set to, to create the collection.  And, it was well worth it. The costume department, on receiving the parcel, informed me that they could not believe what they were taking out of the box. They said everything was beautiful and beyond what they imagined.

The Paradise Gown is now available for purchase. Further details on this exclusive christening gown are available on The Paradise Gown page.

The Paradise Gowns The Paradise Gowns The Paradise Gowns